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Basic Static Web Designing

Static Website Designing is the most basic web designing service. This design is very simple and easy to use. The website design is usually known as a start-up pack for a new website. In this website the script will be minimum of 5 pages. This static web-designing is best suited to create a basic websites for your business or organization. As we have with us the latest up-to-date current version legal software to design your websites, you don’t have to worry about extra strings and viruses affecting your websites. Moreover, we are an ISO quality certified company that designs websites. We have with us experienced designers to guide and design the site for you. We are also experts in making the website load faster by optimizing the script and images. As a result of this, your website will be recognized in the Search Engine Optimization easily.

Responsive Website Designing

Would You Like A Responsive Website – That Looks Great On Desktop Computers, Smart Phones & Tablets? Static Responsive is yet another service which is a step better than the previous service. The best part about this service is that your websites can be seen in mobiles and tablets. As these days, mobile technology is ruling the world, it is very important to reach your audience not only through web but also via mobiles. The website is created in such a way that it will automatically adapt and display in all android mobiles and tablets. There is no need for a separate script for the website to be displayed in mobiles, with Static Responsive we do it all with the same script easily. With this, viewers can now see your websites in a much better view on their mobiles and tablets.

A responsive design is a website with a layout that changes based on the visitor’s device. This is different from mobile-only design, where a business may have two separate websites for PC and Mobile devices. A business with a responsive website will have just one website that adjusts for every screen size. For example, a standard horizontal navigation bar may fit well on your Desktop computer. But when viewing your website on an iPhone, the navigation menu will be too wide for the phone’s screen size. With responsive design, the menu will change from a horizontal list of menu items to a drop-down navigation bar.

Dynamic Responsive Web Designing

Simple Dynamic Web Design service is just the same as the above two services. Although the website is very easy, simple, adaptive in mobiles and tablets, it has one added advantage. There are few features which can be used for the better look of the website. This service is mainly used for a script that has multiple pages in a website. If your sites has category such as photo gallery, video gallery, events, blog, and content management, then it is advised to take up this service. Here, you don’t have to depend on anybody, you yourself can update everything and anything you wish. We design the website in such a way that the website is synced with your Facebook, YouTube or Google account and you can manage your site using these accounts. The advantage about this service is that you can upload as many photos and videos as you wish. This is one interesting service to reach and increase your readers.

CMS – WordPress Responsive Web Designing

We offer complete WordPress website design and development. With this wonderful, simple, open-source platform your website will be fully content managed. Whenever you wish, you can update anything to your websites, such as images and text. Keeping marketing strategy in mind, we design your site to create a fully customized website. With latest coding techniques, our talented team designs the site which incorporates the key messages you want to convey. We also design the sites to be SEO friendly, so that your site successfully shows up in the search engines. Given below are the packages, kindly have a look at it and order your services with us.

Why is WordPress Our CMS of Choice? – To create a highly functional website or blog, WordPress is the best web software to be used. WordPress is free and valuable. WordPress was initially started for blogging, but later on it emerged as a full content management system. Many plugins, themes and widgets were added. Hundreds of community volunteers built the core web design software. If you want more plugins and themes, there are thousands of new features that will transform the site that you have never imagined.

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